“Who am I? Who are you? What are we?”

A many face thing has no name, no gender, no age, no prejudice. A TeleFata! That’s what a many face thing is! The Entity’s gift to a many face thing? The top PC video games! What should a TeleFata do with this gift?  Live stream epic gameplay walkthroughs of the most popular PC video games!? “Yes!” Craft top PC video game reviews!? “Yeah!”

Interactive video game entertainment larger than Deathwing, Cronos, Gongen Wyzen, Mawlr, Mothership, Galactus, Storm King, Phalanx, Darkside, Kraid, Metal Gear Ray, Red Eye, Iustitia, The Leviathan, Uroboros Aheri, Necrogiant…

Where am I? “It’s time…” Who said that!?